SOTD 08.12.2017

Since I heard the news of Charlottesville today, one song keeps popping into my head: "Land of Confusion" by Genesis. Like them or hate them, this 30+ year-old song is eerily prescient... "now did you read the news today / they say the danger's gone away but i can see the fires still alight / … Continue reading SOTD 08.12.2017


Snowflake of the Week 08.05.2017

After spending last weekend playing golf, Alleged POTUS Donald J. Trump headed to his golf resort in Bedminster, NJ for a 17-day "working vacation". If you're thinking this sounds curiously familiar, here's an abridged history of Trump's tweets about President Obama golfing while in office: For the more data-driven among you (or those who like … Continue reading Snowflake of the Week 08.05.2017

Snowflake of the Week 07.29.2017

Shortly after 1:30AM on Friday 28 July the Republicans, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, lost their attempt to repeal & replace the Affordable Care Act (aka "ObamaCare") when John McCain joined Susan Collins & Lisa Murkowski in voting against the so-called "Skinny Repeal" bill. After the final vote tally was certified, McConnell took … Continue reading Snowflake of the Week 07.29.2017

How to Handle a WITCH HUNT…

TRUMP:  "Go ahead and have your stupid WITCH HUNT because...        "...except I'm richer...and have bigger hands...and the best words - tremendous words!" If this tactic sounds familiar, allow me to refresh your memory: And with that, the question on everyone's mind: is Melania now running the White House Communications shop?