QOTD 06.12.2017: “Pulse”

June 12, 2017 marks one year since 49 people were killed and 58 others were wounded at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL. Eli Lieb & Brandon Skeie released “Pulse” two days after the shooting, dedicating it to all those touched by the tragedy.


i wish i could reach them / and strip away what separates
it’s the same air we’re breathing / the same tears run down our face
so i don’t have to leave where i stand / and i don’t have to change who i am
to count as a human

feel my pulse / with your hand on my heart
you know it beats just as hard as yours / feel my pulse
feel my pulse / can’t you see that i’m scarred
i’m just the same as you are so just / feel my pulse

The attack was the deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter and the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in United States history. It was also the deadliest terrorist attack in the United States since the September 11th attacks in 2001.

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