QOTD 04.02.2017

It’s a bit eerie Sheryl Crow’s song “Gasoline” from the 2008 album Detours begins with the lyric “way back in the year of 2017 / the sun was growing hotter / and oil was way beyond its peak” and ends with:

You got farms in Argentina / making fuel from sugar cane
You got the bastards up in Washington / afraid of popping the greed vain
Cause the money’s in the pipeline / and pipeline’s running dry
And we’ll be the last to recognize / where there’s shit there’s always flies

I decided on environmental awareness & activism as the theme for my April QOTD posts before the president signed his executive order directing the EPA to begin dismantling the Obama-era Clean Power Plan on March 25th. And with climate change-denier Scott Pruitt as the EPA Administrator, ex-ExxonMobil CEO (and Putin BFF) Rex Tillerson at Foggy Bottom, and the ties between the Trump Administration & Russia multiplying faster than wet Gremlins, “Gasoline” seems all to apropos to feature as a QOTD.

Hell…I’ve even been inspired to whip up my own little bridge to squeeze in should Sheryl be so inclined:

“You’ve got a climate change-denier
And an oil man on the team
Of the man who’s in the White House
Who has no clue ‘bout anything
He’s snuggled up to Mother Russia
And says the future is in coal
And since he only wants more money
He’ll sell whatever’s in the hole”


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