Kasich Fires Opening Salvo of 2020 GOP Primary

If you think the launch of John Kasich’s new book Two Paths is not laying the groundwork for a White House bid in 2020, you’re delusional. Consider the evidence (and underlying subtext):
– the book’s marketing touts him as “the last man standing” against Trump in the 2016 GOP primary. (I’m the most viable candidate to rescue the country from the utter incompetence of this presidency)
– under the conceit of promoting the book, he’s significantly raising his public profile  with national media appearances and trips outside Ohio…including to New Hampshire (home to the first-in-the-nation primary where I made a strong 2nd place showing in a still-crowded field)
– supporters recently launched a new political organization – coincidentally named “Two Paths” – to “promote reasonable and proven solutions to America’s challenges”. (I’d rather improve people’s lives than worry about where you piss & if gay people freak you out)
– his image is less “batshit crazy” & more “pragmatist” (see above; I won’t sacrifice getting things done on the altar of ideological purity)
– during his 9 terms in the U.S. House of Representatives he spent 6 years as Chair of the House Budget Committee (imagine having a President who actually knows how to push legislation through Congress!)
…and of course:
– Kasich can’t run in 2018 for a 3rd term as Ohio’s governor (I have 2 years to campaign without having to run a state)
Which means Kasich just fired the opening salvo in the battle for the 2020 GOP nomination whether or not Trump still sits in the Oval Office. So like it or not, another item has been added to the ever-growing list of national nightmares: the 2020 Presidential primaries have begun. 
John Kasich’s book Two Paths will be released on April 25th.

Some information in this post sourced from the Boston Globe.


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