QOTD 03.20.2017

“If women were umpiring, none of this would happen. Do you suppose any ball player in the country would step up to a good-looking girl and say to her: ‘You color-blind, pickle-brained, cross-eyed idiot, if you don’t stop throwing the soup into me, I will distribute your feature all over this ground until the janitor will be compelled to soak you up with gasoline?’ Of course, he wouldn’t. Ball players aren’t a bad lot. In fact, my experience is that they have more than the usual allowance of chivalry. And I don’t believe there’s anybody in the country that would speak rudely to a woman umpire, even if he thought his drive was ‘safe by a mile’ instead of a foul.” -Amanda Clement (03/20/1888 – 07/20/1971), first paid female baseball umpire and South Dakota & Iowa sports legend.



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