Processing News & Politics in the Trumpocracy, v2.0

After the election, a friend asked me where I turn for news/opinions/etc. to help guide his own information consumption. Once I began compiling the list, it became apparent those without my political news junkie tendencies might easily be overwhelmed. I did a hasty cut-and-paste job of the colossal first draft to get him started (and avoid feeling like a complete slacker), but knew I should circle back to further refine the list.

This updated version better reflects sources I actually go to for information. With so much to consume it’s easy to spend massive amounts of time falling down rabbit holes. I’ve also added some context & commentary on the included sources to (hopefully) improve the list’s utility. I concede the list has a strong leftie bias, but I do try to find outlets that listen to & engage differing points of view yet don’t make my blood boil. I’d rather get in, get the facts, gain some insight, and be on my way with minimal damage to my personal well-being.

Not everyone will agree with this list, but that’s not the point. This is one progressive liberal politics junkie sharing where he goes for news, information, and insight in the crazy new world of the Trumpocracy. Knowledge is power and these sources are where I find my strength. And without further ado here’s the list, version 2.0…

Newspapers, Magazines, Etc.:
These three stalwarts are starting to do some in-depth investigative work deserving of their status as go-to sources:
New York Times: @nytimes, @nytpolitics, @nytopinion
Washington Post: @washingtonpost, @postpolitics
Wall Street Journal: @wsj

The below publications feature talented journalists, a relatively broad-spectrum of insights, and seem to be walking the walk when it comes to holding those in power accountable:
Slate: @slate
Vox: @voxdotcom
The Atlantic: @TheAtlantic
Mother Jones: @MotherJones
ProPublica: @ProPublica

With some stand-out writers on staff, these outlets are also doing some very solid work:
National Review: @NRO
The Guardian: @guardiannews
The Nation: @thenation
Associated Press: @AP, @AP_Politics

And don’t forget that all politics is local, so follow your local publications! A few I find are doing great work: 
Texas Tribune, @texastribune
Boston Globe: @bostonglobe
Detroit Free Press: @freep
Chicago Tribune: @chicagotribune

My weeknight go-to lineup is all MSNBC…so what? They take a journalistic approach and do actual reporting instead of relying solely on commentary, interviews, & shouting matches with the usual talking heads. Plus, their contributors from the right rarely make me want to destroy my television…:
> All In with Chris Hayes (MSNBC): @allinwithchris, @chrislhayes
> The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC): @maddow, @MaddowBlog
> The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell (MSNBC): @TheLastWord, @Lawrence
> The 11th Hour with Brian Williams (MSNBC): @11thHour

In case you need a reason to justify funding public broadcasting here it is. (Though the loss of the luminous Gwen Ifill has left a void yet to be filled…if that’s even possible):
> PBS NewsHour (PBS): @NewsHour
> Washington Week (PBS): @washingtonweek
> Frontline (PBS): @FrontlinePBS

Sunday morning fare (in no particular order of preference):
> This Week with George Stephanopolous (ABC): @ThisWeekABC. Particularly good when Martha Raddatz is hosting
> Face the Nation (CBS): @FaceTheNation. John Dickerson may seem low-key, but he’s not afraid to use that to his advantage
> Meet the Press (NBC): @MeetThePress. Chuck Todd seems to be (finally) coming into his own

To quench your weekday morning needs (yes, I’m back to MSNBC):
> Morning Joe (MSNBC): @MorningJoe. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. Joe’s on-again/off-again lovefest with Trump can be annoying as shit (and at times seem to have a hidden agenda). Too often I feel like Mika’s being muffled and not putting her full opinion out there (her dad was Jimmy Carter’s NSA, after all). If I’m not mistaken, they’re replaying earlier segments later in the broadcast. And the podcast is only a 35-50 min highlight reel. Gimme the whole show, damn it!!!
> MSNBC Live (MSNBC): Stephanie Ruhle & Hallie Jackson aren’t the most consistent in the anchor chair, but don’t underestimate their skills…they’re growing on me

And if you need to digest your news with a healthy dose of humor, satire, and/or sarcasm:
> The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS): @ColbertLateShow, @StephenAtHome. This guy is doing quite possibly the best political satire & commentary without inciting outrage & controversy (and within the restraints of network TV)
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (TBS): @FullFrontalSamB, @iamsambee. She’s in-your-face, balls-to-the-wall, no-holds-barred, and scathingly hilarious. Plus she’s got Ashley Nicole Black…
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): @LastWeekTonight, @iamjohnoliver. Another guy who isn’t afraid to tear off the filter and go there by attacking crazy with crazy…
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Comedy Central): @TheDailyShow, @TrevorNoah. There’s an obvious freedom when you’re not shackled by the restrictions of network TV, but Trevor Noah’s approach – along with his race & foreign upbringing – give his take on things some extra zing…
Saturday Night Live (NBC): @NBCSNL. Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, Alec Baldwin? ’Nuff said…

> Slate Political Gabfest (Slate): @ SlateGabfest. I’ve been a fan for years and rarely get frustrated with the gabbiness. The combo of Plotz, Dickerson & Bazelon’s backgrounds & points of view works in some strangely harmonious way…> NPR Politics Podcast (NPR): @NPRPolitics. While I’m sad Sam Sanders & Asma Khalid are no longer on the show, I’m glad they’re doing multiple episodes a week and they strike a good balance between reporting & commentary
> Pod Save America (formerly Keepin’ It 1600): @PodSaveAmerica. My newest obsession and absolutely fantastic. Put 4 charismatic guys who worked in the Obama Administration on a podcast, add in Hillary’s loss, remove the DC filter, and what results from their need to chart a course forward out of the wilderness known as the Trumpocracy is nothing less than brilliant
> Pod Save the World: @PodSavetheWorld. It’s basically Pod Save America focused on foreign policy…and equally as awesome
> Left, Right, & Center (KCRW): @ LRCkcrw. Hosted by my man-crush Josh Barro, I’ve started to appreciate this show far more in the last few months. Rich Lowry used to annoy me like nails on a chalkboard, but his Anti-Trump right-wing perspective has me respecting him a lot more. When you add in leftie Katrina van den Heuvel and exasperated GOP-er David Frum, this one stands in direct contrast to the snarky Right vs. Left shouting matches we’re so often subjected to (I’m looking at you, CNN)
> Amanpour (CNN): @CAmanpour. Perfect programming by a real journalist trying to get to the bottom of the batshit crazy both in the US and overseas
> Amicus (Slate): Dahlia Lithwick’s fantastic reporting on the SCOTUS – and ability to break things down into less-wonky talk – illuminates the essential role of the judicial branch in our government
> The Axe Files with David Axelrod (CNN): A key political strategist for President Obama is now Director of the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago and leverages his contacts inside & outside the political arena to interview subjects who may not be high-profile but have significant impact on our world
Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart (The Washington Post): A relatively new one, but as a fan of Capehart I’ve been impressed with the interviews he’s done so far
> Trumpcast (Slate): @RealTrumpcast. I’ll admit I can’t always take the Trump psychoanalyzing bent of this one, but I can’t deny it has some good stuff on it too

You may also find this graphic a useful guide in navigating your news intake:kp4yax1

Oh…and you can always follow me on Twitter (@politicsofnate) and keep up with me on my blog Blue in a Red State (!


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